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Sermon Series & Announcements

Precious Is the Light He Brings in 2020 - Worship Series

The start of a new year provides a fresh beginning. As we begin a new decade that sense of a new beginning is even stronger. A spirit of hope fills our hearts as we look forward to and try to envision what the future may hold.


But trying to see into the future is difficult. It’s fun to dream about what the future might hold. But it’s painful when we set our hearts on dreams that never actually become reality. It’s fun to imagine how we’ll be different in the year ahead. But when it comes to actually making those changes it’s much harder to see in real life what was fun to visualize in our minds.


As we step into the year 2020 at Christ the King, we’re aiming to sharpen our vision. To see with 2020 eyesight God’s love for us, his will for us both as individuals and for us as a church. To see with that kind of clarity we need the kind of light that is crystal clear. We start this new decade looking to the One who is the Light of the World! Jesus has come into the darkness of our world to shine the bright light of God’s truth and grace into our hearts. Precious Is the Light He Brings!

Worship Focus for Sunday, January 19

A couple decides it’s time to move in together, but they’re not ready to get married. They call it love, but their pastor says that love moves him to to tell them they are living in sin. Who is doing the loving thing? The wife of an alcoholic picks up the pieces after her husband’s latest episode; she calls it love but Alcoholics Anonymous calls it codependency. Is covering and making excuses for another person’s sins, love? The parent indulges all the child’s wishes, calling it love, but the counselor calls it irresponsible. Is trying to satisfy your child’s every desire, love? The Apostle John urges: “I ask that we love one another” (2 John 5). Loving one another sounds like the right thing to do, but what exactly is loving behavior? Come Sunday as Jesus shines his precious light that grows us in practicing true love! Worship starts at 10AM.