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The Story at Christ the King


People long for the good life. It's what brings people to Palm Coast. High quality of life in an attractive community.


Christ the King church is here to help people who are looking for the good life, discover full, abundant life in Christ!


Jesus Christ shares this full, abundant life with you in the bible, The Story of God's great love for you! Christ the King church wants to help you get into God's story in the bible and help you discover how your own story intersects with God's!


Come and discover more of the full, abundant life that Jesus Christ has for you through The Story, a unique program providing significant stories from the bible with special sermon messages to explain and apply these stories to life today. 


Come for The Story at Christ the King in Palm Coast and experience God's love and life for you! 

The Story is an easy and exciting way to get to know the Bible and actually understand what God has been doing throughout human history. It will help you see why the Bible's message matters for you still today! 


The Story kicks off on Sunday, September 12 at Christ the King church. Come for the opening service that will start us on this exciting journey! The opening service will be held at 10AM on Sunday, September 12. Come in person or participate online! 


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