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Worship Series

Sunday Worship at 10am


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Experience Christmas at Christ the King! 

Candlelight Christmas Worship, outdoors (weather-permitting): 

Thursday, December 23, 6:30pm

Friday, December 24, 6:30pm

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Live & Recorded Worship Series

View Live This Sunday or View Recorded Sermons!

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Events Calendar

Past Events

Ministry Fair at Christ the King

Families help one another. It’s one of the blessings of being part of a family! The same is true in our spiritual family here at Christ the King! God gathers us as his family and gives us opportunity to help out with the “family business.” The Son of God is the head and we are the members of his body, working together to accomplish his mission through our ministry! As we celebrate our connection as the family of God we extend the celebration by highlighting key things that our church family is doing in ministry. Ministry Coordinators will also identify opportunities where additional help will make a meaningful difference in the ministry God has called us to carry out together! Special refreshments are planned as well. Stick around after worship to enjoy some light snacks and look for ways you can partner with your church family as we do the Lord’s work together!

CTK's VBS & Parenting Classes

CTK's VBS starts this Monday, from 6:30-8PM for rising Kindergarteners through 6th graders! There's also a series of parenting classes for adults at the same time! If you haven't signed up yet ... be sure to do so today by clicking this button...

Congregation and Voters Meeting Part II

Continuation of Congregation & Voters’ Meeting –  June 16th 2019
All are invited to remain for the continuation of the congregation & voters’ meeting. We are discussing ministry plans for the upcoming year along with adopting a spending plan to support it. Also we’re discussing the proposal from CTK’s mortgage holder, the Church Extension Fund (CEF), to provide us with some temporary relief on our monthly mortgage payments as well as a proposal for funding some needed campus improvements. 

Candidates for CTK Council

An important item on the agenda for the upcoming Congregation & Voters' planned for Sunday, June 9 is the election of candidates to serve on CTK's Executive Council. The bylaws of our congregation allow for as few as 4 elected Councilmen and up to as many as 8. A Councilman serves a term of 2 years and can serve as many as 3 consecutive terms according to the bylaws (exceptions are allowed to this rule if there aren't qualified candidates who are willing to stand for election).

Our current president, Tim Fiesler, is concluding his 3rd consecutive term on the Council. In accord with the bylaws, Tim is stepping down from the Council when his term expires at the end of June. We're grateful to Tim for his willingness to serve our congregation as a Councilman over the last 6 years.

With the increasing workload the Council is facing, two new candidates have been asked and are willing to stand for election to the Council. They are: Mark Gardner, who will also be stepping into the role of Member Ministry Coordinator, and Joshua Ruediger, who will also serve on CTK's Finance Team.


Jim Kipp has served one term on the Council and has expressed willingness to stand for election to a second term. Jim serves as the Council's secretary and as well as chairing CTK School's Education Committee.


If any CTK member has any concerns regarding these candidates, per the bylaws, please submit your concerns in writing no later than June 8 to any of our current Councilman (Tim Fiesler, Steve Wood, Chris Zwirn, Bill Arndt, or Dan Brands), Pastor Jay, or Principal Brown.

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