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"The Bible is central to our faith," says Pastor Jay, "but I also know that many people are intimidated by its size. Many of the stories feel distant and disconnected from life today. That's why I'm excited about 'The Story.' This chronological approach to the Bible gives us a way to journey from Genesis, the first book of the Bible, to Revelation, the last book of the Bible, and in the process, gain a clearer understanding of the story of God's incredible love for humanity, his love for each of us!"


Join the journey through "The Story," 

Week 6 - The Story - Through the Week Study Sheet


The Story - Chapter 6 - Daily Exercises


The Story - FAQ's

How do I participate in The Story at Christ the King?

How do I participate in The Story at Christ the King?

- Read a chapter in The Story each week on your own.

- Work through the weekday exercises posted online (on this website or get daily reminders at the church’s blog: )

- Come for Sunday School/Bible Study each Sunday at 9AM (ages VPK through Adult) as we study the chapter together

- Come for Worship at 10AM each Sunday where the service and sermon are focused on the chapter of The Story that you’ve been reading during the week.


What are the age grouping for studying The Story on Sunday mornings? The Story?

- VPK-2nd Grade in Classroom VPK A - 3rd-6th Grade in Classroom VPK B

- 7th-12th Grade in Teacher Workroom

- Adults in Common Room

- Childcare provided for ages 3 and younger in Classroom 3A


Can I still buy The Story books?


- Yes. You can purchase books from your favorite bookseller or place your order through Mrs. Bonnie in the Administrative Office. (You can also e-mail her at:

The Story - Previous Chapters - Daily Exercises


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