Online Resiliency Training - Wednesday, March 18

The threat of COVID-19 is significant. It’s impact is already being felt even if you aren’t feeling sick. The worry it is spawning and the fears it is producing reveal even deeper problems.


Rather than giving in to fear and being paralyzed by worry, how can you respond in positive and productive ways? The answer: practicing resiliency!


What is resiliency? I’m looking forward to digging into that question and exploring how it is helpful for responding to life’s challenges! Join me online tonight at 6:30PM for the first training session in this series at: ~ I’ll begin the live feed at 6:20PM with training starting at 6:30PM.


Please share this invite and encourage others to join this training, whether they live across the street, across the country, or on the other side of the globe!


God bless and keep you always,


Pastor Jay


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