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Online Bible Study via Facebook Live!

Want to get into your bible more? Have an internet connected device? Then use your favorite internet brower and surf on over to: on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:15PM. Pastor Jay is leading a bible study series on the books of 1, 2, & 3 John on Wednesdays in January and February! (You don't even need a Facebook account to participate!)

Stop by on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:15PM and you'll find out! Materials for tonight's study are available for download on the PDF link below.

Online Bible Study Materials for Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Chapter 3 begins with an exclamation about the love of God, and in essence explains what God’ love is all about. John’s writing style is repetitious. The purpose of this style is to build on and strengthen understanding of a concept. At this point in his letter, John isn’t really explaining new ideas about God as he is inspiring people with greater awareness and understanding of what they already know is true of God! In light of God’s character, he wants God’s people to know God and to live in ways that imitate the loving character of God. The love of God, combined with the purity of God, calls Christians to a different way of life. God’s children have a different basis for life and it shows in the way they live differently. The world, or evil people, neither understand nor appreciate Christian goodness.

Tonight’s Focus: Ponder what the Gospel means in a practical sense in your daily life. How is your daily life different because you are a Christian? How do you relate to people differently because you are a child of God?