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Fear. Fear is everywhere. Fear is something that we all wrestle with in some way, shape, or form. Fear is part of our entire lives from our first to our final breath. You can probably recall childhood fears (“There’s a monster under my bed!”); adolescent fears (“What does he/she really think of me?”); and adult fears (“Why does my boss/doctor/spouse/etc. need to talk to me?”). Sometimes fear can develop into something bigger and have real consequences, but think of how much and how often fear motivates the choices you make. Think of how much of what has happened or failed to happen in world history, church history, and family history because of fear. If fear impacts all of us, think of how many people live each day in some kind of fear.


In Scripture, we find plenty of fearful people from Adam and Eve hiding from God in the bushes in Genesis 1 to the elderly Apostle John fainting at the sight of the glorious Christ in Revelation. Yet time and again, we also see our God confront fear head on. Our gracious God responds to the fears of his people with the gospel—the good news of God’s peace that is ours through Christ. Whether spoken by Christ himself or one of his angels, fear cannot withstand the grace and peace of our God. So what does God have to say about your fear? Through this study series, we will…

• Define what fear is and understand its source—where it started and from where it wants to take us.

• Understand 5 basic types of fear, using historical narratives and divine wisdom from God’s Word, along with other resources.

• Allow God to confront our fears—no matter what they might be—with the peace and comfort that comes only from the gospel of grace.

Bible Study Focus Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Do you suffer or have you ever suffered from fear of the unknown? At some point in all of our lives, each of us has faced the fear of the unknown—the unknown of what’s to come, the unknown of consequences, the unknown of success or failure, the unknown of future reality, the unknown of… Sound familiar? The fear of the unknown is a fear that shows itself inside your head from the monsters you thought were lurking under your childhood bed to the tricks that darkness can play in even the most familiar of settings. These negative feelings and thoughts create mental blocks. It is these mental blocks that influence the way in which we live our life. When we choose to live with our fear of the unknown, the choices and decisions we make do not serve us well. Any decision we make based from this fear will not be a decision that will move us forward in life.


Fear of the unknown is not our friend. Yet it still manages to worm its way into our heads. So what are we supposed to do? We're exploring and answering that question in Wednesday night's bible study which is being streamed at 6:30PM via: or See you online this Wednesday night!

Online Bible Study Materials for Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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