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Sharing Our Blessings

We have an opportunity to show our thanks to our ever-giving God this Thanksgiving by having our Christ the King congregation provide food for needy families. Please consider providing some of the food items to help provide meals for these souls that Jesus loves. These donations will be given to Precious Hearts Foundation, a local women’s shelter that helps victims of domestic abuse and those in crisis.

Suggested items include nothing needing refrigeration or freezing:
Canned Meats (not needing refrigeration) Fruits and Vegetables (canned, not fresh)
Potatoes (boxed, not fresh) Breakfast Cereals
Soups (canned) Juices (not needing refrigeration)
Macaroni and Cheese or similar items (boxed)

Bring the items in bags or boxes on Sunday, November 19, for the service that day. They can be kept at your seat in church. During that Sunday service these items will be brought forward by those in attendance. There will also be a basket available for those who wish to make a cash donation.

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