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Sunday Morning Bible Study Series For Adults & Teens

Bible Study

Outreach is at the core of the Christian life. That doesn’t mean every church member serves on the formal outreach committee at our congregation. But every Christian wants to, as the Lord provides opportunity, share the Good News of Jesus whom he has come to know through the Scripture. St. Paul says it is an inevitable fruit of faith. “We believe and therefore speak” (2 Corinthians 4:13). We’re talking more about outreach, both individually and as a congregation, next Sunday in bible class. We need you to be part of this study and discussion! Be part of the conversation on Sunday, October 13 as we dig into God’s Word and discuss what the future of community outreach here at Christ the King will look like!


Class meets from 9-9:45AM in the Common Room of the Early Childhood Center.


The Future of CTK's Ministry to Teens

Because youth culture is continually changing and adapting we shouldn't be surprised that approaches to youth ministry in previous generations are going to feel off the mark with teens in this generation. Add to that mix this other dominant cultural reality: doubt that there is such a thing as universal truth. As we seek to connect teens to Christ and His Kingdom through God's Word, we'll need to think through carefully what that looks like among a generation that is inherently suspicious of truth claims from a book that is at least 2000 years old! The prevalence of stories of abuse and hypocrisy within the organized church also increase the difficulty of helping teens really hear and take to heart the claims of Christianity. Join us this Sunday as we wrestle with these challenges and brainstorm opportunities and options for connecting this generation of teens to Christ and His Kingdom. Class meets in the Common Room of the Early Childhood Center at 9AM!


Teens (7th-12th graders): A table will be saved just for teens so you can participate as a small group and give your perspective on how we can better connect you to Christ and His Kingdom. Look for Jason Zweifel and Liz Jeske's table in the Common Room of the Early Childhood Center starting September 8th!


Charting Future Direction for CTK Community Outreach - Sunday, October 13