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Sunday Morning Bible Study Series Timely Topics ~ TimelessTruths

Bible Study for Sunday, January 19


You've been praying about it for some time now. Your friend brings up a spiritual question. This is the opportunity you've been praying for! You use the conversation as an opportunity to invite your friend to church. They accept! It's so exciting! Sunday morning comes. You walk in the doors together. You're so excited to share this experience with your friend. You glance at the altar and you notice the communionware is set up. How are you going to tell your friend that they can't come up when communion is served? Will they be angry? Put off? "Why do we have to practice close communion anyway," you silently scream in your own head. "It makes it hard to invite people and make them feel welcome if we're also telling them they can't participate!" If you've had questions, concerns, even objection to the practice of close communion, be sure to come for this Sunday's bible study. We'll be exploring this timely topic and digging into God's timeless truth for helpful guidance! The study starts at 9AM in the Common Room of the Early Childhood Center.